To help you gain a deeper understanding of the world and explore the inner workings of yourself.


To elevate consciousness and broaden perspective by unveiling the deeper meaning of life.


Britt Russell
Spiritual Coach
Energy Healer

About Me

How it all began

As a young girl I would listen and provide a space of non judgement so people felt safe enough to not only be honest with me, but with themselves. I was trusted with secrets they couldn’t fathom telling their spouse, family, or best friends.

I recall thinking to myself, “Should I be uncomfortable with this?” It was later in life that I acknowledged this to be one of my spiritual gifts.

I felt my powerful psychic abilities and strong intuition as a young girl, yet when acting on them I noticed others didn’t understand and felt rejected entirely. I felt unworthy of being in connected relationships which made it easier to blend in than to stand out and be my authentic self.

That was the first limiting belief I unconsciously created that would breed a pattern of self sabotaging behaviors and emotional disconnection. As a teenager being true to myself and following my gut were not the go to solutions, nor did I have a conscious connection to divine Source.

What I know to be true about the spiritual journey is life will provide many of the same lessons to encourage a spiritual breakthrough and release toxic patterns.

Hiding my true self from the world became a painful act. Instead of viewing societal expectations as unreasonable, I created a belief I wasn’t enough. That belief alone led me down a dark path where I sought out toxic external validation from people, places, and things.

There are many factors why humans choose to play small, distrust, and give our power away. After supporting others in shifting their mindset over the years, I see the common thread we as humans experience on every level is perception and the powerful role it plays in creating our reality.

The shift

The time came where I realized running from myself was actually robbing the world of my spiritual gifts. I made a powerful choice to face my truth and shed light on what had been weighing me down.

I worked in emergency medicine for 7 years until mid 2020. Western medicine has opened my eyes on a spiritual level to how important the energy system of the human being is which is also called the chakra system. I began to see underlying causes of diseases and physical ailments stemming from emotional suffering. Emotional pain is caused by many factors from childhood experiences to day to day interactions.

An important thing to remember is we all have a unique human design that incorporates our personal truth. When we encounter situations that provide opportunity to be true to ourselves yet don’t take it, we chip away at our self worth and self respect. In short, ignoring who we are creates pain and dis-ease in the body that will demand attention until we acknowledge it.

I have been guided divinely by Source to leave my career of 7 years and step into my passion to serve humanity and lift the veil of illusion.

My commitment to you

I will call the highest version of you forth and stand for your greatness. Spiritual growth doesn’t happen by watching from the sidelines, it’s felt by playing messy in the arena of life.

I believe we all have a spiritual responsibility to manifest the Glory and Grace of the divine source within us. We all have a purpose for being born in this human experience, it is my purpose to uncover yours.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” -Buddha