Self Acceptance: The road less traveled

When are born into a life of “fate” which entails the parents you have, siblings, environment, gender, unique look, etc.

We’re naturally wired to be a product of the environment we’re born into. That sentence alone made my shoulders drop as I sighed with relief. In a way, we are wired backward. We don’t always take the healthy or safe action. We tend to give into feelings that don’t serve our highest good. It’s all part of being human.

What is human?  

This is a complex question which I personally believe can only be answered individually. The dictionary gives a description of humans as a separation from animals. I realize describing humans is challenging as we are constantly changing. Humans are complex creatures of habit.  The body hosts the ego and the soul meaning there are two internal voices with two interpretations.

The ego is known to be the habitual part of the human including subconscious behaviors, patterns, and programming. The higher self, also known as the soul, is the conscious part of the human. The part that takes time to think before speaking and craves connection and deeper meaning in life.  

The real journey is the road less traveled, also known as, the hero’s journey. 

When we choose to rewire our programming, we choose the hero’s journey. Many will begin to change their ways, but few will succeed. It requires commitment to constant growth, triggers, breakdowns and breakthroughs which can be challenging to face. That road is also the road to a life beyond your wildest dreams! You will experience emotional freedom, personal truth, and spiritual purpose. You will walk through life empowered because you are deeply connected to your sense of self. 

Which voice do we listen to?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. I was taught that to feel success or happiness I had to work hard and experience emotional pain. Life doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’ve come to understand that feelings are a blessing as they are the guide to discernment and internal freedom.

The ego supports survival. It’s voice doesn’t categorize it’s thoughts as “good” or “bad”, but strives to survive by avoiding pain at all cost which is usually the cost of our self worth. 

The soul will speak with truth and authority. We’re not taught to listen to the whispers of the soul thus allowing the ego to be the decision maker. The soul will guide you with intuitive nudges in your gut whereas the ego will be loud in your head.

The journey of the soul is about trust and not giving into feelings that cause us to give up. There will be days where you’re so high you’d think it impossible to come down. There will also be days you wonder if you’ll be happy again. Count on it. The gift is knowing the difference. This too shall pass.

Whatever day you’re having is a direct result to your level of consciousness and vibration. Meaning what you experience at any given moment is being attracted to you based on your thoughts. 

Thoughts carry vibrations. Words carry weight. Remember is to use your words wisely, think before you speak, once they’re spoken, you will not get them back. 

Think of the vibrations on a positive and negative scale. Depending on the thought, the vibration will be used as a transmitter to attract that same vibration. This is also known as the law of attraction which states, only the same vibrations can share the same space. 

Here’s an example, Have you ever wondered why negative things happen to positive people? It’s not just bad luck, it’s their vibrations. They have good intentions, but their thoughts are in the realm of scarcity that they are unworthy attracting those types of experiences. The experiences we have are not a reflection of who we are but what we think and believe. Such an empowering realization!

Understand the odds are stacked against us at times. Seeking higher understanding by being willing to go to the depths of our truth is astonishing and brave in itself!

9 Tips to accepting your personal truth:

  • First, celebrate your curiosity for even wanting to understand and accept yourself!
  • Begin your day in gratitude. I’ve found writing to be powerful as it wires habits together quickly.  Don’t be discouraged and give up if you miss a day or a week. Life is about flow…
  • Release attachment to results. Expectation creates disappointment.
  • Let go of the shame and guilt from your past life experiences. They are only experiences. Trust that if you knew better you would have done better. Shame is, “I am bad”. Guilt is, “I did something bad”. Understand the difference. 
  • Become curious of your language both internally and externally. Recreate the way you speak to yourself and aloud, have fun with it!
  • You are constantly changing and growing which means your routines and schedules must be shifted as well! It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when our flow begins to decrease. Instead of projecting internally, consciously see what you can change so you’re back in flow! You are the creator of your destiny!
  • Allow yourself to be guided by your gut, notice when you second guess, that is the ego(survival). The first gut feeling is the higher self(personal truth)
  • Be open to rewriting your personal testimony looking for the positive things that happened in your life! Whether big or small it matters!
  • Know that you are here to make a difference in your unique way. Things that brought you joy and evoked passion are the things to be in relationship with. Those are your creative spiritual gifts. Would you deny your younger self the opportunity to be happy?

“When we let go of attachment we can finally be free” – Britt Russell

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